AMOSC welcomed the opportunity provided by the Australian Government, 1 December 2023, to provide a submission during the consultation process for the Commonwealth Budget 2024-25.

The Australian Government is committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050, with legislated plans to achieve emission levels of 43% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Australia’s Net Zero Plan seeks to maximise the benefits of the global transition while providing certainty through long-term sustainable policy that drives investment in lowering emissions.

As the world transitions, the environmental, economic and societal impacts of a liquid hydrocarbon spill continues to require specialist emergency response expertise, equipment, technical skills and management.

A liquid hydrocarbon spill strategy embedded in Commonwealth investment toward net zero carbon emissions will mitigate the environmental and reputational risk of potential liquid hydrocarbon spill during the global transition to low-carbon/zero-carbon fuels/power.

AMOSC’s Pre-Budget 2024-25 Submission encourages the Australia Government to pursue regulation and policy change to optimise response efforts via adjustment of the current settings and arrangements.

Key amongst these are efforts that will reduce duplication and expenditure, with a focus on stronger shared resources able to be deployed agnostic to the source of pollution. This will support the government’s broader policy objective of stronger environmental stewardship.

Australia’s coasts and oceans hold enormous economic, cultural, social and environmental significance, AMOSC advocates for Australia’s continued leadership for protection and management of Australia’s marine environments and propose Australian Government partnership and investment with industry into a centralised response organisation.

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