How to subscribe

Participating Company

This category comprises the founding members of AMOSC – the major oil producing companies and refiner/marketer companies.  Participating Members have responsibilities to contribute personnel and equipment as mutual aid and in accordance with the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies.

Associated Company

This category comprises ship owners, operators and smaller companies engaged in oil exploration, production and/or distribution and is divided into Producers and Non-Producers. Associate Companies have access to the industry mutual aid arrangements, but in contrast to the Participating Companies, are generally not able to lend significant resources of their own.

Access to AMOSC services and other company resources for oil spill response is available at reduced rates for Members.  All subscriber companies are able to access quantities of AMOSC equipment for short-term on-site standby requirements with applicable hire charges.


Non-Member Company Access

Non-Member Companies are welcome to register for AMOSC training courses and other services offered, including equipment hire.  Higher fees apply for most services compared with Member Company rates.

Only Member Companies are able to access AMOSC services direct for an oil spill.  Should a non-member company experience an oil spill and require immediate assistance, a substantial emergency levy will be charged in addition to the Joining Fee and Annual Subscription required to establish Membership for spill response.

Further information is contained in the AMOSPlan.

Becoming an Associate Member Company

On joining AMOSC Associate Member Companies pay a fixed Annual Subscription, which includes corporate membership of AIP (of which AMOSC is a wholly owned subsidiary), plus a Joining Fee equal to one year’s annual subscription (regardless of previous Membership).

If you are interested in becoming an Associated Member Company please contact AMOSC on 03 5272 1555 or amosc@amosc.com.au.

AMOSC will liaise with you to confirm your potential requirements and your appropriate Membership Category.  Your Membership Application will then be presented to both the AMOSC and AIP Boards for formal approval, after which the Company Secretary will liaise with you to execute your Master Service Contract and organise payment of your Joining Fee and first year Annual Subscription.

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