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Welcome to the AMOSC Training site, 2024 is fast approaching. AMOSC is pleased to advise that the 2024 Scheduled Training Calendar is now available to view. Course details, dates and fees and the opportunity to book your course online are available via the tabs below.

BOOK NOW to secure your place for 2024. Should you have any other training queries please do not hesitate to contact or email us at: amosc@amosc.com.au

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Tailored Training

Have you considered our tailored training options? Whether you are after bespoke training courses for your organization or the development and coordination of training exercises, AMOSC can assist. To help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, personnel, and company Oil Pollution Emergency Plan contact amosc@amosc.com.au

Government Agencies

We invite government agencies seeking detailed information about our rates and services to contact us directly. We will address any specific questions you may have prior to booking. amosc@amosc.com.au


AMOSC provides internationally accredited oil spill response courses (through the Nautical Institute) at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) equivalent levels I, II & III. The courses include competence based assessments consistent with national training standards. The interactive elements of the courses are designed to give companies and participants confidence in their ability to perform the tasks and duties required. Uniquely, AMOSC conducts conjoint Command & Control (IMO III equivalent) and Management (IMO II equivalent) courses where prospective Incident Controllers take charge of their management teams in a scenario based training environment. This enables suitable levels of interaction between participant enhancing training outcomes. These courses are available through two modes of delivery, blended and face-to-face. See our Scheduled Training tab for more information.

Should you have any other training queries please do not hesitate to contact  amosc@amosc.com.au


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Planning your Oil Spill Response Training for 2024? The AMOSC 2024 Training Calendar is now available and bookings are being accepted.

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