Phillip Starkins

Chief Executive Officer

Phillip Starkins, BA, MInternatRel (Monash), MPPM (Melb), GAICD, joined the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre in 2012, and was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in February of 2023. His roles at the centre have included responsibility for delivery of preparedness activities such as training, projects and consultancy, and leading the centre’s policy and advocacy work in Australia and abroad.

Prior to AMOSC he worked for both Australian and Victorian Government Agencies in policy and programme administration within the maritime, aviation, surface transport and energy sectors, focussing on emergency risk management and sectoral/business resilience.

Outside of work Phillip enjoys playing golf (badly), supporting the Essendon Football Club and spending time with his primary school age children.


Jessica Miller

General Manager

Capability Building & Projects

Jessica is General Manager, Capability Building & Projects for the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC), having joined in 2011. Jessica is an oil spill response professional with operational and technical experience in oil spill incidents across the UK, NZ and Australia.

At AMOSC, Jessica leads the Capability Building team in the delivery of a suite of preparedness services include environmental and technical advice, capability and capacity assessments, the review and preparation of oil spill planning documentation, accredited training and exercising. Her key responsibilities includes leadership in oil spill response management, capability building and projects, staff management and executive support. Jessica represents AMOSC on a number of National Plan Working Groups, the Environmental, Science and Technical (ES&T) Network and within the Global Response Network (GRN) working groups.

Jessica is a Committee for Geelong – Leaders for Geelong (LfG) 2020/21 graduate and alumni mentor. Having completed a two year leadership program that addresses social, economic and environmental issues of importance and builds regional leadership capacity.

Prior to joining AMOSC, Jessica’s focus was marine research. Her studies looked at quantifying larval dispersal and connectivity in freshwater and marine fish populations using transgenerational isotopic labelling. Jessica holds degrees in Marine Biology/Zoology and a Master of Marine Science from the University of Melbourne.

Jessica is an accredited Cert.IV workplace trainer/assessor.


Stuart Field


Spill Response Science

Stuart Field joined AMOSC in April 2018 as the Membership and Collaboration Manager following seven years with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) in Western Australia as Principal Policy Officer for the Office of the Director General.

Stuart joins AMOSC with over 25 years’ experience in marine and coastal research, management, planning, impact assessment and mitigation. He completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, investigating the disturbance and recovery of coral reef systems following the physical impact of ship groundings and has worked in the field of environmental impact and recovery for a significant portion of his professional career. Prior to joining AMOSC, Stuart worked for the Director General of DBCA managing the Departments major Oil and Gas project environmental management responsibilities. Through this role he was responsible for the development of the Departments Oiled Wildlife Response training and response capabilities and to work with the other States and Territories toward a national standard of oiled wildlife response. He also filled the position of Environmental Science Coordinator, in the event of an oil spill, for the state during this time. These roles have allowed Stuart to work with the Oil and Gas industry to work towards mutually beneficial training and preparedness standards to ensure an effective and efficient environmental and wildlife response in the event of an oil spill incident.



Nathan Young



Nathan Young is the Manager Operations having joined AMOSC in early 2013 after 10 years experience in the oil industry.

Nathan commenced his career in the industry with Exxon Mobil as a mechanical technician in their UK based refinery, Fawley. During this time, Nathan picked up technical qualifications in mechanical operations and maintenance throughout the refinery. After this, Nathan moved into oil spill response with the Oil Spill Response Ltd based in Southampton. He worked mainly in the Operations and Projects team providing specialised services to clients. Nathan has also worked in various spills throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. He also led and conducted training and advisory work in all of these locations.

Nathan is an accredited Cert.IV workplace trainer/assessor

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