AMOSC Response

AMOSC staff are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures for immediate access to the AMOSC personnel and equipment.

AMOSC provides an immediate response service to our member companies 24/7.

This is available by contacting the AMOSC Duty Officer (day/night) on;  0438 379 328

The AMOSC marine oil spill response resources include;


  • 16 AMOSC Staff
  • 5 spill response contractors
  • 100 Core group members
  • 355 industry personnel trained in last 3 years


  • $18 Million invested in surface equipment and dispersant value
  • $11 Million invested in sub-surface equipment and dispersant value
  • 50% share (with AMSA) invested in annual aerial fixed wing costs


  • 24/7


  • Contract: Oiled wildlife call-off contract with provider
  • Contract: Trajectory mapping of spills with provider
  • Agreement: Air charter services with provider
  • Agreement: land transport provider
  • Agreement: National Plan – AMSA
  • Agreement: Alliance Agreement with OSRL
  • Relationship: Global Response Network
  • Relationship: IPIECA
  • Relationship: subsea response & equipment advisor/provider Trendsetter, Oceaneering and addenergy
  • Relationship: oiled wildlife provider USA
  • Relationship: National Plan partners

All AMOSC equipment is able to be mobilised and flown/transported to site.   Expert AMOSC field operators will be onsite to receive and operate the equipment in the location required by the member company.

AMOSC Personnel in the shape of staff, contractors and Core Group are available on request by our member companies.

AMOSC and oil industry response resources are available to the National Plan, through AMOSC. This supplements the Federal, State and Northern Territory Government response resources located throughout Australia.

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