Revalidation Course in Oil Spill Response Command & Control

The Revalidation Course in Oil Spill Response Command & Control has been designed to update and refresh the skillset of those staff who are identified by member companies as potential incident controllers of oil spill response incident management teams.


The course serves as a ‘refresher’ for those whom have already attended a certified, IMO Level Three training course.


To provide participants with the opportunity to refresh skills previously learnt and update their knowledge on latest trends and developments

Targeted Audience

Those whom have already attended a certified, IMO Level Three training course, and wish to update their skill sets and knowledge, and to extend the life of their original certification. 


Participations must have previously attended a certified IMO level three or level three course in the previous three years (<39 months).




Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • revisited the learning objectives of the initial course
  • spent time exploring and considering new developments in oil spill response
  • undertake a number of ‘verification’, desktop exercises


  • Overview of spill response which includes Australian response arrangements and incident command systems
  • Oil spill response initial actions including oil spill assessment, characteristics of spilt oil, oil spills & the environment
  • Oil spill response techniques which includes monitor and evaluate, dispersants, protection and deflection, containment and recovery, shoreline clean-up, response alternatives, ending an oil spill response
  • Oil spill response critical areas which includes oiled wildlife response, waste management, media and communications, liabilities claims and compensation, developing and incident action plan, health and safety
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities which is conducted through extended tabletop exercises and equipment deployments
  • Review of new/revised spill response techniques and methods arising from the OGP-Joint Industry Project and other groups and organisations.

Learning Methods

This course is part of AMOSC’s suite of competency based training.

As such, participants will be assessed during the course, and need to demonstrate their competence against the course objectives to receive certification.

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