May 2021 Core Group Workshop – Fremantle


Aerial Observation

“Last month AMOSC facilitated a workshop for our Core Group oil spill responders in Fremantle, Western Australia, for both oil spill field operations and Incident Management personnel. These workshops are a key component to maintaining the currency of our O&G member company personnel Core Group skill sets and continuing the petroleum industry contribution to the National Plan.

After an initial COVID-19 enforced delay to the week, the masked-up participants from eight different companies undertook a number of activities. The management stream were engaged in technical workshops, shoreline assessment, response planning development and incident management team development based on real time intelligence received from the field. The field operations team carried out a wide-range of activities focusing primarily on situational monitoring and visualisation (Aerial surveillance and shoreline assessment), containment and recovery, dispersant application, and shoreline operations.

The AMOSC team were grateful to still be able to fly some of the Geelong operations staff over for the week, allowing them to conduct face-to-face facilitation in Fremantle for the first time in a while.





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