HDB 1500

The boom reel holds 200m of offshore boom designed for the containment of hydrocarbons on water. Offshore boom is deployed from the stern of a suitable vessel or suitable land based structure ie [...]

Solid Floatation Boom

Manufactured from PVC fabric with built in foam floatation, the SFB is a light-weight boom making it easy to deploy and is designed to capture and contain floating oil and debris.

Zoom Boom

Manufactured from vinyl coated nylon fabric, this is a medium duty rapid deployment, self inflating boom for inshore/nearshore waters.

Shore Sealing Boom

Shore sealing boom is a triple tube designed for in-shore and near-shore operations. The two lower tubes are water filled while the upper tube is air inflated. It is designed for use at the [...]


A multi-purpose, offshore segmented boom constructed of a heavy duty hypalon and neoprene fabric. Widely used because of its versatility and durability.