AMOSC – Recent Core Group Workshop in Fremantle and Geelong


“AMOSC has used the strength of industry to provide a true capability here in Australia through the management of the AMOSC Core Group. AMOSC, over the years has ensured the maintenance of Core Group skills in both Operations and Management streams through Core Group Workshops. AMOSC completed a Core Group Workshop this month with an aim to testing and proving its ability to respond under the current conditions using the recently updated AMOSPlan.

With the scenario provided, an Incident Management Team (IMT) was established with personnel from five separate member companies who worked remotely across multiple States via an internet-based platform. The IMT undertook response planning and directed operational teams through the development of an Incident Action Plan which was communicated out to the Forward Operational Bases set up in both Western Australia and Victoria. This multi-State operation spanned three days with a wide range of strategies deployed. Containment and recovery, dispersant application through to aerial surveillance and shoreline assessment.

In a time where being prepared is more critical than ever, AMOSC has proven its ability to not just meet industry needs on paper but to truly respond. “


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